A defining Yosemite story

June 5, 2014 

I would like to commend you for publishing "Looking Back at 150 years in Paradise" on Sunday -- it is a piece of work that defines journalism.

I may have been commenting otherwise if it was not for your including the Native American history and including the comments of tribal members. Without doing so and simply ignoring or passively adding the subject without opinion from the people themselves would have made this report simply garbage.

While it is difficult for many, one has to consider the facts of events in Native-American history which goes back tens of thousands of years. The destruction and/or preservation that has taken place for the last 150 years is by no means a reason to exclude the subject. Certainly all of what has taken place in time is in its place for eternity never to leave -- bound by time for this is where truth resides. Nothing escapes time for it cannot be destroyed just as it will never end.

Just as the great pyramids of Egypt, the walls of Yosemite will still stand when the time of man has come to pass.

Patrick George Ryan


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