Conserve water in drought

June 5, 2014 

In Fresno, something devastating has been going on. It's called a drought. Mostly everybody in this town is familiar about the ongoing drought. My fifth-grade class recently went to Millerton Lake for a field trip and the water was very low. There were tons of branches and islands popping up. In addition, people's wells are drying up. The families that have dried-up wells cannot get any water.

Another reason why we can tell we are having a drought is the numbers. Fresno's rainfall average is about 11.6 inches of rain every year. In 2013, we had 5.56 inches. That's just above 50% of our average. The average for January to March is about 6.25 inches. During that time this year, we had 3.17 inches. According to records, this is the 10th driest year for Fresno. Those numbers go back to 1878!

There are many ways we can help to conserve our water. Anything will help this ongoing drought here in Fresno.

Avery Vivian

Fifth Grade

Manchester Gate School


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