The credible evidence

June 5, 2014 

The letter printed in the May 22 Bee, "Global warming cultists," by T.C. Morgan, was long on sarcasm and name-calling, but a bit short on facts. One so-called fact is grossly misrepresented. Morgan states that scientists "have moved from a new ice age (1970s) to global warming."

The reality is that a nine-paragraph story appeared in Time Magazine in 1975 in which a group of scientists wrote that the earth was getting colder. Since then, over 33,000 scientifically researched and peer-reviewed articles have concluded that human activities are driving rapid climate change. Not weather, which changes day-to-day, but long-term climate change. Something like 30 articles have rejected that climate change is caused by humans. That the earth's atmosphere is warming at an alarming rate may be politically controversial, but it is not scientifically controversial.

I assume that T.C. Morgan is not a climate scientist, and neither am I. But I can read, and I can separate the real story from the biased ads by the oil, gas, and coal companies, the right-wing radio commentators, and the so-called "fair and balanced" reporting of Fox News.

Conrad Gaunt


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