Acting on the call to do more

FresnoJune 3, 2014 

I found the column by Armen Bacon, "The call -- and a calling to do more" (May 25th) extremely heartening. We are all in search of "that purpose and priority" in this world. And in some way, we are all contributing as well. As professionals, house-makers and volunteers -- we are all making an impact in this society. But what's important to note is that we are also in search of a community that understands us, supports us and thinks the same way as we do.

Bill Grabe was a successful dentist all of his life. When he retired, he decided to join an organization that was servicing adults and children facing an end-of-life journey.

I, too, am part of such a community. It is an online club that instructs people on how to listen to the "calling to do more." I've made friends, more like a family, that share the same sentiments, doing and promoting community service, starting in their own backyard.

If you want to find out more about this club, contact me at

Hina Fatima


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