VA in Fresno is a shining star

FresnoJune 2, 2014 

The VA's "scandal," which seems to be all over the news lately, even though there has not really been a clear explanation as to what the fuss is all about, unfortunately has a whole lot of people jumping to conclusions with opinions about what is "probably," or "possibly" going on within the ranks of the VA's administration. It's a shame how quick on the draw people are with their political aspirations.

May I humbly say that I am so grateful that I live in a community where there is a VA Hospital, that has proven to me so many times, how wonderful an operation of this service to veterans, takes place. The VA in Fresno, does a great job, and it is far from an easy task for sure. The doctors, nurses, general staff, from top to bottom, have a friendly, professional, manner, and you feel it from first walking in the door, to wherever you go.

Never mind the haters who are trying to make the issue a political football. The VA facilities are doing the job, and they do it with dignity.

John C. Terrence

U.S. Navy, Veteran


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