It should be CSUF -- period

FresnoJune 2, 2014 

Donald R. Slinkard could hardly get it more wrong in his May 20 letter claiming that CSUF is the "unfortunate real name" for "FSU." He believes that "hiding behind CSU's skirts adds to Fresno's already oversized inferiority complex."

It's just the reverse at the university. Anybody who's thought about it for a nanosecond knows the institution consists of west (jock) and east (academic) campuses. In the east campus nobody thinks that "CSUF" is a burden. Far from it. "FSU" is.

Slinkard's idea is that that the joint on Shaw Avenue oughta be "FSU" forever. That's the view of the jockoid west campus and its Red Wavers whose idea of a university begins and ends with the successes or failures of its semipro teams.

What does "FSU" signify? It tells an indifferent world groaning under its manifold injustices that we're just another provincial sports-crazed third-rate quasi-university instead of a place where real learning and the discussion of real events can take place.

Follow the money: why should coaches make millions while the academicians scrape by with relative peanuts?

Stanley Poss


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