Shifting rafter at Hanford Fox Theatre prompts evacuation

The Fresno BeeMay 30, 2014 

Businesses next to the Hanford Fox Theater have been ordered to evacuate until a shifting rafter inside the Fox is repaired, the city said Friday.

The Hanford Fox is a city landmark and a popular venue for live music acts and traveling shows.

Two months ago, part of the ceiling fell in the middle of the night, said Dan Humason, the Fox's owner. The building was empty, and no one was hurt.

A construction crew had been working in the theater when someone noticed that a truss had moved for unknown reasons, he said. A structural engineer was called and city officials were notified, he said.

The fire department and city officials met with the structural engineer, and several businesses next to the Fox were told to close until the rafter problem is fixed, City Manager Darrel Pyle said.

The street has been blocked off for safety, he said.

Humason said scaffolding to reach the rafter is scheduled to arrive Friday night and work will begin right away on fixing the rafter.

Pyle said the work will take place over the weekend so neighboring businesses can reopen Monday.

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