Justin Moore headlines JugFest 2014 in Visalia

The Fresno BeeMay 28, 2014 

Justin Moore will play at JugFest 2014 in Visalia.


Justin Moore drinks Guinness. It's his favorite beer, though lately he's taken to trying local brews in the towns he visits. He's also a fan of Bud Light.

Moore shares this information because, on some level, it's what country music fans want to know.

"They want to know what kind of beer you drink, what your life is like at home," says Moore, who headlines JugFest 2014 this weekend at Plaza Park in Visalia. "I've always tried to write and record songs that speak about how I am as an individual."

His story does sound like a country song.

The 30-year-old singer grew up in (and recently moved back to) Poyen, Ark., a town of 300 people. He dreamed of playing baseball or basketball until he realized he was 5-feet-6 and 140 pounds. He went to college for all of three weeks before he finally moved to Nashville to try his hand at music.

When he did, his parents both got second jobs to help support his career choice.

"Most country artists have some version of that story," Moore says.

It's part of the reason that country has taken over popular music, he says.

While the scene is exciting to be a part of, there is an increasing amount of talented artists coming out and that makes it incredibly hard to break through and really become a star — even for a guy like Moore.

If you doubt it, think about this: Moore was named New Artist of the Year at the American County Music Awards in April. That's a year after the release of "Off the Beaten Path," and five years after his self-titled debut hit No. 3 on Billboard's Country charts.

"It's been a long road here, and a good one," Moore says. "The award shows have always eluded us."

And while Moore says it was about time, he admits the win took some people by surprise: "There were a lot of people who deserved to win that night."

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JugFest 2014, Justin Moore headlining, plus daytime acoustic shows from Collin Raye, Frankie Ballard, Jamie Lynn Spears and John King, 3 p.m. Saturday at Plaza Park in Visalia. This is a free event. kjug.com/jugfest_2014


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