Yovino is a perfect fit

May 28, 2014 

Having worked for 17 years for Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Peter Mehas, I know firsthand the knowledge, dedication, sacrifice and passion it takes to be an outstanding educational leader. I am of the opinion that the current superintendent of schools, Jim Yovino, possesses all these qualities.

Upon assuming the duties of superintendent when Larry Powell retired, Jim hit the deck running and immediately put his stamp on the Fresno County Office of Education. The combination of knowledge and compassion is evident in all he does for the children in the county.

It is refreshing to see how he acknowledges the need to once again emphasize vocational education because he recognizes the fact that not all students are college bound. In addition, Jim has connected with business community leaders who support him in many FCOE endeavors.

My vote will be cast for Jim Yovino for Fresno County superintendent of schools. We need him to continue the excellent job he is now doing. Please consider casting your vote for a man who truly cares about the students, teachers, support staff and administrators in Fresno County. He is the right man for the job.

Charlotte Nunn


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