Fresno gang member arrested for alleged weapons charge

The Fresno BeeMay 25, 2014 

Fresno police arrested a Villa Posse gang member on weapons charges early Sunday after he fled from a vehicle that an officer was trying to pull over.

An officer saw a vehicle in the First and Clinton avenue area with an equipment violation just after midnight. According to a posting on the Fresno PD Facebook page, the officer attempted to stop the car and issue a citation to the driver, but the vehicle continued traveling east on Clinton. When the vehicle slowed and pulled over to the curb, the front passenger opened his door and fled south through an apartment complex, police said.

More officers, K9 units and Skywatch were called to look for the 19-year-old man. A loaded, semiautomatic Sig-Sauer handgun was found in a yard during the search. When Skywatch officers in a helicopter announced via loudspeaker that a police dog would be used, the man came out and was taken into custody. He was arrested and booked into the Fresno County Jail for possession of a weapon and violation of probation.

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