Fresno City Golf Am: 2007 champ Jason Anthony holds early lead

The Fresno BeeMay 24, 2014 

It took a few holes to find a groove, but former Fresno State golfer Jason Anthony locked in after six holes and scored seven birdies the rest of the way Saturday to take the early lead at 5-under 67 at the 87th Fresno City Amateur Golf Championship.

Anthony is up by three strokes against a full field of 156 golfers heading into Sunday's second round at Riverside Golf Course.

The 31-year-old from Fairfield won the 2007 City Am and was the final person to qualify at last year's U.S. Amateur Match Play Championships.

Justin Avery, Jason Higton, Michael Pugh and Ryder Rochin each shot a 2-under 70 to round out the top five. Avery, a senior at Buchanan who won this year's Tri-River Athletic Conference tournament, has signed to play at Fresno State in the fall.

Daniel Foster and Mike Stieler are at 1-under 71.

Four-time City Am winner Danny Paniccia (1996, 2010, 2011, 2012) was one of eight golfers to finish even after Saturday's round even -- including Michael Tolladay, a three-time Fresno Bee All-Star now golfing for Pacific.

Paniccia had a rough start, bogeying the first, second and third holes. But he closed with an eagle on the 471-yard, par-5 18th hole.

The second round continues at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. The lowest 40 and ties will advance to Monday's final round.



Saturday's first round at Riverside GC

1. Anthony, Jason 67

T2 Avery, Justin 70

T2 Pugh, Michael 70

T2 Higton, Jason 70

T2 Rochin, Ryder 70

T6 Foster, Daniel 71

T6 Stieler, Mike 71

T8 Everson, Jordan 72

T8 Frietas, Sonny 72

T8 Stites, Brandon 72

T8 Navarro, Andre 72

T8 Barnes, Corey 72

T8 Paniccia, Danny 72

T8 Higton, Ryan 72

T8 Tolladay, Michael 72

T16 Fagundes, Matt 73

T16 Merritt, Rich 73

T16 Hartman, Dalton 73

T16 Clayton, Trevor 73

T16 Yamaguchi, Jeff 73

T16 Perkins, Ryan 73

T16 Storey, Bill 73

T16 Bautista, Neil 73

T16 Miller, Michael Blake 73

T16 Watney, Josh 73

T16 Sanghera, Navdeep 73

T16 Borges, Anthony 73

T28 Smith, Jason 74

T28 Georgouses, Anthony Thomas 74

T28 Reed, Sean 74

T28 Keane, Jonathan B 74

T28 Polterock, Landon 74

T28 Jessup, Nate 74

T28 Koelewyn, Jordan 74

T28 Sorensen, Nick 74

T28 Springer, Cody 74

T28 Tartaglia, Tal 74

T38 Hernandez, John 75

T38 Garcia, Kyle 75

T38 Barsotti, Todd 75

T38 Keylor, Joel 75

T38 Condry, Eric 75

T38 Duckering, Sean 75

T38 Segrue, Darren 75

T38 Ruffino, Jacob 75

T38 Walrack, Kent 75

T47 Frankhouser, Bill 76

T47 Richey, Brad 76

T47 Butler, Walt 76

T47 McKean, George 76

T47 Skibo, Nate 76

T47 Butcher, Daniel 76

T47 Loosigian, Greg 76

T47 Takeuchi, Russell 76

T47 Meador, Ryan 76

T47 Nelson, Keenan 76

T47 Hebert, Alex 76

T58 Rodriguez, Keith 77

T58 Henderson, Phil 77

T58 Collet, Ron 77

T58 Fu, Lawrence 77

T58 Leonelli, Ryan 77

T58 Nova, Brian 77

T58 Evans, Shaun 77

T58 Wasilchuk, Rick 77

T58 Spade, Trevor 77

T58 Rose, Christian 77

T58 Faragia, Peter 77

T69 Masters, T.J. 78

T69 Leeworthy, Tyler 78

T69 Johnson, Doug 78

T69 Redmond, Matt 78

T69 Trevino, James 78

T69 Kendall, Brady 78

T69 Garcia, Israel Santino 78

T69 Gerardi Jr, Joe 78

T69 Ounesavath, Nicholas 78

T69 Andrews, John 78

T69 Milweed, Travis 78

T69 Corbin, Ryan 78

T69 Fukano, Jacob 78

T82 Smith, David 79

T82 Collet, Don 79

T82 Curiel IV, Andrew 79

T82 Estes, Manny 79

T82 Rios, Sergio 79

T82 Loyear, Corbin 79

T82 Stroude, Ricky 79

T82 Neer, Steve 79

T82 Sewell, Daniel 79

T82 Sturdevant, Jason 79

T82 Hryneznk, Daniel 79

T93 Chapman, Charlie 80

T93 Stark, Brian 80

T93 Bell, Chad 80

T93 Hensley, Aaron 80

T93 Rodriguez Jr., Gabriel 80

T93 Waterhouse, Brian 80

T93 Medellin, Andrew 80

T93 Nilmeier, Conrad 80

T93 Lagera, Justin 80

T93 Loosigian, Bryce 80

T93 Noonkester, Jed 80

T104 Stogdell, Ian 81

T104 Beltran, Christopher 81

T104 Hardie, Scott 81

T104 Oehlschlaeger, Ian 81

T104 Oehlschlaeger, Luke 81

T104 Castillo, Adam 81

T104 Graham, Phillip 81

T104 Little, Cameron 81

T112 Stogdell, Ron 82

T112 Kennel, Kris 82

T112 Herrera, Manuel 82

T112 Facciani, Mike 82

T112 Grier, Karlos 82

T112 White III, William 82

T112 Michael, Gabe 82

T112 Mikus, Zachary 82

T112 Chuhlantseff, Conner 82

T121 Greaves, Mr Shane Cutis 83

T121 Winn, Matthew 83

T121 Pistoresi, Domonic 83

T121 Takagi, Troy 83

T121 Takao, Aaron 83

T121 Walters, Brian 83

T121 Preston, Jeffrey 83

T121 Smith, Johnathan 83

T121 Casanova, Thomas 83

T130 Walrack, Jeremy 84

T130 Kapturkiewicz, Joe 84

T130 Clark, Kyle 84

T130 Wescott, Mr. Josh Ryan 84

T134 Richardson, Charles 85

T134 Fynaut, Dan 85

T134 Randles, Andrew 85

T134 Stewart, Kyle 85

T134 Horn, Cody Bailey 85

T134 Branstetter, Vince 85

T134 Solano, Johnny 85

T134 Chan, P J 85

T134 Harper, Brian 85

T143 Brawley, Jacob 86

T143 McKinney, Ryan 86

T145 Demedeiros, Josh 87

T145 Ortega, Jason 87

T145 Vong, Alan 87

T145 Phillips, Colton 87

T149 Zaentz, Tyler 88

T149 Circo, Rodger 88

T151 Fincher, Chuck 89

T151 Castaneda, Rene 89

153 Rotan, Ryan 93

154 Stogdell, Don 94

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