Ruby family, with seven brothers in World War II, donates flag to Fresno Memorial Gardens

The Fresno BeeMay 24, 2014 

Pete Ruby, Kenneth Ruby and JayDee Mayugha with flag. Photo by Rory Appleton/The Fresno Bee

RORY APPLETON — The Fresno Bee

Henry Ruby was one of seven brothers to fight in World War II and then return home to Fresno. When he died in 1997, a ceremonial American flag was given to his niece, June Sinner.

On Saturday, that flag was donated to Fresno Memorial Gardens and will fly near the graves of Henry Ruby and his brothers on future military holidays.

Three generations of Ruby cousins and Pete Ruby, the last surviving brother, assembled near Henry's grave to hand off the flag to JayDee Mayugha, a funeral director for the cemetery. Mayugha said the cemetery will sew Henry's name on the flag before displaying it next year.

Sinner learned that Valley funeral homes were in need of flags for Memorial Day observations and contacted Fresno Memorial Gardens to coordinate the donation. "The flag will get a lot more use here than it would sitting in a drawer," she said. "I'm glad we get to do this. They (the Ruby brothers) went through a lot for us."

Mayugha said that it was an honor to receive a flag from such a distinguished family.

All seven Ruby brothers served in different parts of the world during the war. They were marshals in the 1977 Fresno Veteran's Day Parade.

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