David White's Three-Point Stance: Donovan omission a mistake, but won't matter in end for U.S.

The Fresno BeeMay 24, 2014 

David White's Three-Point Stance

1. Landon Donovan isn't playing in his fourth World Cup, not after he got tossed from the roster down the nearest manhole by U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Shame is, that guy who got the 23rd and final roster spot isn't going to beat Ghana or anyone. Donovan just might have. But then, the Americans weren't going to win the Cup -- with or without him -- so here's to our favorite backup teams.

2. Let's pretend the Giants really will take their Triple-A team and send it to Sacramento, leaving Fresno to adopt the A's or another Triple-A team. Does it really matter in the end? Grizzlies games are social gatherings for Fresnans who scored free corporate tickets at work. They come for the postgame fireworks, not to see the next Tony Torcato. Earth's axis will remain uncompromised.

3. The Fresno State baseball team missed the NCAA Tournament for the third time in five years, but coach Mike Batesole need not worry. Winning a national title does wonders to job longevity on Cedar Avenue. Just ask Margie Wright.

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