City Hall's total failure

May 24, 2014 

This weekend our neighborhood had our annual block yard sale. It was a great time for the neighborhood to get reacquainted with each other. But, we were flooded this year with outside sales. Folks cluttered up the sidewalks -- the streets and the median on Van Ness Avenue. Just about everything from clearly stolen merchandise to home-prepared food products. Under what conditions, one can only surmise.

So where is code enforcement? Well, we are informed that code does not work on the weekends. So it is a free-for-all, for lack of better words.

Our city leaders have duped our electorate and community. Other than making Fresno a bigger laughingstock and politicians using Fresno as a stepping stone to another elected office, and retirement check, exactly what are we getting for our money? The costs go up, and the city services decline.

Every single one at City Hall needs to be fired. Not one incumbent is worthy of a vote. They are just at the public trough bleeding the residents dry. So what is left? Sell and move? Leave this dumpy town to the gangsters and street people? Our leaders have failed. For real.

Mark Johnson


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