DIY: Dress up a graduation party with these easy-to-make mortarboard candy pops

The Fresno BeeMay 23, 2014 

Mortarboard candy pops make a fun do-it-yourself idea for a graduation party.

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Graduation season is upon us. If you're planning a graduation party and looking for a fun, unique dessert idea, try making mortarboard candy pops. These simple confections have three things going for them: they're festive, they're chocolate and they're pretty fast to make. BONUS: The cute factor will wow your guests.

What you will need:

--miniature peanut butter cups

--square chocolates (Ghirardelli makes some)

--sour candy straws, snipped to 1" or 1.5" pieces

--chocolate candy melts

--star sprinkles (or miniature M&Ms, if you can find any)

--lollipop sticks

Step one

Microwave the chocolate candy melts in 30-second intervals, until melted smooth. (Be careful not to overcook them, or the melts actually re-solidify into a gritty, unusable fudge.)

Dip a lollipop stick into the melted chocolate, and push the lollipop stick into the top of a miniature peanut butter cup. Let the candy melt harden.

Step two

Dip the bottom of the peanut butter cup into the candy melt, and place it on the center of a square of chocolate. Be sure to "glue" your peanut butter cup to the logo side of the chocolate square.

Step three

Trim a one-inch piece of candy straw lengthwise to resemble a tassle. Dip one end of the candy straw into the chocolate melt. Adhere it to the top of the chocolate square. Use a single mini M&M or star sprinkle as the mortarboard's button.


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