No response from Egan

May 23, 2014 

On her website, District Attorney Elizabeth Egan says "it is the victim that counts." She recently stated "our record in this office shows that we are a fine-tuned machine." My experience with her office contradicts her statements.

I became directly involved with a matter involving top Clovis law enforcement officials (one recently retired) who chose to disregard the law, practice favoritism, and deny justice to a victim. After repeated attempts to persuade them to follow the law; they remained intransigent. So, I sent a letter to Egan requesting an investigation of their conduct. She did not even reply. After several months, I sent a second letter requesting at least the courtesy of a response. Again, no response from Egan.

I can think of only three possible reasons why she would completely ignore a citizen's repeated request to investigate improper conduct and abuse of authority by Clovis law enforcement officials: inefficiency, lack of professionalism, or to shield her buddies in law enforcement. Evidently to Egan, not every victim counts. It appears her "fine-tuned machine" is out of tune. Maybe her "record in this office" is the most compelling reason to elect a new district attorney.

Richard Nahigian


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