Fresno City College honors 8 Fean's Medallion winners

The Fresno BeeMay 15, 2014 

Fresno City College honored the winners of the prestigious Dean's Medallion of Excellence Award in a ceremony Thursday evening.

The ceremony, held in the Old Administration Building, recognized eight students who have showcased exemplary academic achievements and community service. Rewarded for their general excellence, the award is the highest honor given to a graduate and includes a $500 scholarship.

Each award winner represents a division of the college:

• Applied Technology: Peter Acevedo, Fresno

• Business: Steven Machado, Fresno

• Guidance and Counseling, Student Services: Carlos J. Corona, Fowler

• Fine, Performing and Communication Arts: Jarod H. L. Rocker, Fresno

• Health Sciences: Sary Pham, Fresno

• Humanities: Veronica Sylvia Torres, Fresno

• Math, Science and Engineering: Ameena Chai Vue, Fresno

• Social Sciences: Ilenia Isel Hernandez, Mendota

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