Sioux City Kid brings acoustic persona to Peeve's

The FresnoMay 14, 2014 

Sioux City Kid will perform its acoustic version at Peeve's Public House.


Depending on the night and the venue, you'll see one of two versions of the San Francisco Americana outfit Sioux City Kid.

One version is a full-on six-piece rock band that delivers classic-rock-infused Delta blues with a voice that has been described as falling "somewhere between Tom Waits and Howlin' Wolf."

The other version, which you can see when the band kicks off its national tour Friday night at Peeve's Public House on Fulton Mall, is acoustic.

"We're shedding a few players and picking up a fiddle player for a more acoustic tour," says Jared Griffin, the singer-songwriter and mastermind of the band.

Sioux City Kid is a mainstay in the San Francisco music scene, and it has shared bills with everyone from Emmylou Harris to the rock band Spoon. It's also packed venues in the city as a headlining act.

Which version of the band plays on any given night depends on the tone of the show and the availability of musicians. Griffin has bounced between the two long enough that the difference (at least when he's onstage) is negligible.

"I no longer have a preference," he says.

Of course, some songs are better suited to the electric band, and he tends to skew the sets accordingly. Some of the songs get shared. A few have actually been written during the acoustic outings then turned into more "rock" versions — "Low Down and Busted," the latest single from the album "Minutes, Miles, Trouble and Trails," for example.

"We have a handful of songs like that," Griffin says.

Sioux City Kid

8 p.m. Friday, Peeve's Public House, 1243 Fulton Mall. Free. Details: (559) 573-5735,


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