Fresno Fire Department honors heroes in ceremony (video)

The Fresno BeeMay 13, 2014 

The Fresno Fire Department on Tuesday morning honored firefighters and civilians for recent acts of heroism during a semi-annual awards ceremony at City Hall.

• Two Meritorious Service Awards were given. One went to Capt. Chad Tucker, engineers Cody Philbin and Robert J. Garcia and firefighter David Townsend for a ladder rescue on Dec. 11, 2013 at a southeast Fresno upstairs apartment. The other went to Capt. Ronald Peterson, engineer Justin Beard and firefighter Wiley Erikson for saving an apparently suicidal woman from a burning home in Kerman in April 2014.

• A Clinical Save Award (for saving a non-breathing person) went to Capt. Daniel Lopez-Galvan, engineer Christian Konior and firefighter Peter Neff for resuscitating an infant who nearly drowned on Jan. 21, 2014 at a northwest Fresno home.

• A Civilian Life-Saving Award went to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. worker Aaron Lewis of Selma who helped control the bleeding of a pedestrian who was hit by a motor home in central Fresno on Feb. 27, 2014.

• A Civilian Commendation went to Fresno street maintenance workers Chris Wenger and George Gonzales, who were installing a street sign west of Highway 99 on Jan. 23, 2014 when they saw smoke in an apartment building. They called 911 and then shut off electrical power to the building and used a garden hose on the fire until firefighters arrived, helping prevent the fire from spreading to an adjacent home.

In addition, Richard V. Griffith Jr. was named Firefighter of the Year and three people received promotions: Theodore F. Semonious to deputy chief; Bridgette Morgan to inspector; and Justin H. Beal to fire prevention engineer.

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