Fresno supervisors reject plan to widen Mountain View Road now

The Fresno BeeMay 6, 2014 

A plan to widen Mountain View Road two years earlier than proposed was rejected Tuesday by Fresno County supervisors.

The widening project is in the county's Regional Transportation Plan but not until 2016. Supervisor Judy Case McNairy proposed moving the date up two years, but her fellow supervisors worried that the county would not get reimbursed for the $13 million project because Measure C funding is not available to compensate the county for the work.

The funding would have come from county road fund revenues and could potentially deplete the fund, said Alan Weaver, the county's director of public works and planning.

On questioning from Supervisor Henry R. Perea, Weaver told supervisors his department had "some reservations," but the project could be accommodated if supervisors supported the plan.

Said Perea: "I don't know why we would do this without a thorough vetting of what we are doing and why we would shift those kinds of dollars and take that kind of risk."

Supervisor Phil Larson was concerned that approving Mountain View Road's widening would delay or jeopardize other projects -- improvements on Highway 180 or Veterans Boulevard -- if the county used its own road funds to build Mountain View earlier than planned.

The board voted 4-0 to deny the proposal. Case McNairy, who asked county officials to bring the issue to the board, had left the meeting early due to a previous appointment.

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