David White's Three-Point Stance: Browns ready to grab Derek Carr

The Fresno BeeMay 3, 2014 

Texas A&M Johnny Manziel, right, Fresno State's Derek Carr, center, and Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater watch drills at the NFL combine in Indianapolis on Feb. 23, 2014. The three quarterback prospects easily could go in that order in the NFL draft.


1. Where is quarterback Derek Carr going in Thursday's NFL draft? No. 19 overall to the Browns, who will package their No. 26 pick in a trade to the Dolphins to jump in front of quarterback-minded Arizona. If there's an early run on quarterbacks, the Browns will trade up higher -- if No. 11 Tennessee doesn't take him first.

2. So how about the greatness of the Raiders? They go left tackle with the No. 5 overall pick, midrange quarterback in the second round. Consider the entire Davis ranch hedged on the hope that veteran quarterback Matt Schaub can save the day.

3. The 49ers exercised the fifth-year option on repeat offender Aldon Smith last week, because, of course, they did. He is a Pro Bowl pass rusher, and this isn't a church league, so there's nothing wrong with that. That said, don't be surprised if they draft his replacement -- just in case they decide five strikes and he's out somewhere down the road.

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