Artist You Should Know: Loyd Vandergriff

The Fresno BeeApril 30, 2014 


Loyd "the Human" Vandergriff isn't the typical rock-music success story. He doesn't play sold-out venues. He doesn't play live much at all, in fact.

But over the past eight years he has earned a national and international following with a series of self-released CDs that he sells online and makes available across digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. His latest, "Human's Last Stand," was released earlier this month and features guest spots from local musicians like Don Heflin, Eva Scow and AC Myles.

The basics: Vandergriff began playing while attending Corcoran High School in the 1960s and cut his teeth playing the so-called Melco dances that were popular at the time. After a 30-plus year hiatus, he returned to writing and recording music in 2005.

Affiliated: Vandergriff has recorded five albums under the moniker The Human Project. He also hosts the Human's Bluesfest podcast.

Releases: "The Real Stuff" (2006), "Best of the Human Project" (2010), "Last Train Out," (2011), "Origins" (2013) and "Human's Last Stand" (2014)

Find out more: Vandergriff's full catalog of music is available on various digital platforms and through his website, www. Watch the full video interview with Vandergriff at

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