April showers chase away one Fresno rainfall record

Posted by Mark Grossi on April 29, 2014 

A complete rainbow arcs over downtown Fresno in late March. April showers have visited the city too.

CRAIG KOHLRUSS — Fresno Bee Staff Photo Buy Photo

If you're still counting rain drops, Fresno won't set a record this year for lowest rainfall total, according to National Weather Service numbers.

The rain last weekend nudged the city to 4.77 inches for the season, which runs from July 1 through June 30. The driest on record is 1933-1934 with 4.43 inches.

Interesting note, there was measurable rain in both May and June of 1934.

Fresno still needs another tenth of an inch to move this miserably dry year into a tie for third with 1878-1879. And the Weather Service says there was measurable rain in May 1879.

One more interesting note, 2012-2013 was seventh-driest on this list until this year. It will move to eighth.

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