Mark Scott, former Fresno city manager, receives unanimous support of Burbank City Council

The Fresno BeeApril 16, 2014 

Mark Scott


Burbank City Manager Mark Scott emerged from a closed-door evaluation with the City Council and told a reporter he felt "energized."

"I thought they were extraordinarily constructive in their comments to me," Scott told the Burbank Leader. He declined to go into specifics, however.

Scott told The Leader he supports periodic conversations on performance and objectives between the council and employees. Will he make any changes? He said he plans to be more patient.

Original post:

Not yet a year removed from his job as Fresno's city manager, Mark Scott has successfully emerged from closed-door scrutiny in his new post as city manager of Burbank.

According to a report in the Burbank Leader, Scott received the unanimous support of the Burbank City Council after one of its members had raised questions about him.

The Leader said Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy announced the City Council's full support for Burbank's top executive.

"We had, I thought, a very frank discussion and a good give-and-take, and it was the conclusion of that meeting to give our unanimous support to the city manager," Gabel-Luddy said.

A council member had requested to discuss Scott's performance a week earlier. The Leader said the request came after weeks of residents' criticism of the city's public outreach regarding group homes in residential neighborhoods.

A barrage of complaints at one meeting prompted Scott to call Burbank "a very frustrating place to work."

He had no shortage of challenges in Fresno during his three-year tenure, a point noted by Mayor Ashley Swearengin when she announced his resignation last July. She noted his helping the city through difficult financial times.

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