DIY: Peeping out your Easter decor

The Fresno BeeApril 15, 2014 

It's Peep season.

The brightly colored chick- or bunny-shaped, sugar-covered marshmallow confections have arrived en masse at virtually any store that has a sign. Which means that a Peep appearance in just about every Easter basket is assured.

As common as the Easter treat is, common also is the knowledge that one is either a Peep lover or Peep hater — and never the twain shall meet.

Peep lovers have it easy; they can simply gobble up the iridescent marshmallows and be done with it. But those who dislike Peeps? Those who find them, perhaps, grainy and cloying, what is a non-Peep eater to do with the things?

To Peep haters I say: Consider your decor. A quick Pinterest search reveals that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Easter D.I.Y.'s involving Peeps. Here are two simple crafts to spring-ify your humble abode.

Peep Wreath

What you'll need:

60 Peeps

wire wreath frame

glue gun



Peeps are squishy and pliable, which makes them a pretty good medium for making a wreath. On the downside, they are quite sugary and tend to shed, which makes them messy to work with. Be sure to put down some newspaper on your workspace to catch the loose sugar.

Step 1: Peeps generally come five Peeps to a package and are connected like a strand. Apply glue to the back of one strand of Peeps, and place the glued side down, adhering it to the wire wreath frame. Continue to glue strands of Peeps side by side, until the first circular row is completed.

Step 2: Glue the second row of Peeps directly behind the first, but slightly offset, so that the tails of the first row of Peeps fills the space where the Peeps adjoin in the second row. Continue gluing strands side by side until the second circular row is completed.

Step 3: Affix the bow to the wreath.

Voilà! Your Peep wreath is now door-ready.

Peep Bouquet

What you will need:

15 Peeps

5 plastic eggs

small vase or container

1 piece of Styrofoam

15 skewers

crinkle grass


This centerpiece is very simple and involves no hot glue, which makes it a perfect kid-friendly craft.

Step 1: Fit the Styrofoam into the container. (Styrofoam from a craft store can be pricey. I was able to use recycled Styrofoam, but depending on the container, anything that will hold up the skewers — such as cardboard or an apple — can be used.)

Step 2: Stick the skewers into the Styrofoam, spaced about an inch or two apart. Varying the heights of the skewers will add depth and create the whole "bouquet" effect.

Step 3: Stick a Peep on the end of each skewer.

Step 4: Place the crinkle grass atop the Styrofoam and at the base of the skewers, covering the Styrofoam and giving the container an Easter basket-like effect.

Step 5: Place the plastic eggs atop the crinkle grass.

Your creation is complete.


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