David White's Three-Point Stance: Anti-Tiger fans get wish, still tune out

Special to The BeeApril 12, 2014 

Tiger Woods didn't play in this week's Masters, but why didn't all those opposed to too much Tiger on TV celebrate by tuning in to Rory McIlroy and other the tour's other superstars?


1. Memo to those who complain about too much Tiger Woods in golf coverage, but then don't tune in when he isn't playing: If you don't watch the Tiger-less Masters, you are telling broadcasters — by way of lower ratings — that you have a fever. And the only prescription is more Tiger. So, turn on the telly and enjoy your nameless golf.

2. Watched the Giants hang a 1-0 loss on comrade-in-arms Matt Cain on ESPN Classic on Saturday. Then, realized the game was actually live, which is to say nothing has changed with this team since … ever. All in favor of batting Madison Bumgarner in the five-hole say "Babe Ruth Jr."

3. The Golden State Warriors, also known as the Sacramento Kings, have finally mastered the Los Angeles Lakers, which says more about the Lakers than it does the Warriors. None of this does anything to change the fact that the Warriors are still at least four Stephen Currys away from truly mattering, but hey, enjoy your ownership of the Lakers before they become the Lakers again.

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