Clovis council lacks backbone

April 9, 2014 

I admit, I did laugh out loud when I read the April 5 article on the Bottom's Up drive-through coffee shop and the concern it raised about body part coverings, moral values and yes, the Clovis building codes. I chuckled as the Clovis city attorney said that the city probably couldn't do anything about the business. From all appearances, the Clovis City Council is run by the Clovis Planning Department which has a well-established history of throwing residents and residential communities under the bus in support of businesses that many residents deem controversial. For the record, this is no longer a city council problem, rather a city council with a problem. Clearly, the council lacks the backbone to serve those residents who elected them to office.

To the Clovis City Council, I ask, when will you rein in the planning department? First it was The Firing Line and now Bottom's Up. As it is now, "The Clovis Way of Life" may have given way to perhaps a newly revised city motto: "City of Clovis, the Home of Gun Shots and Coffee Shots."

Lastly, to owner of the coffee shop, I say, "Bottom's up."

Ron Sheppard


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