A visit to controller candidate Swearengin's office

Posted by George Hostetter on March 31, 2014 

Ashley Swearengin’s downtown Fresno campaign office is open.

Swearengin, a Republican, is running for state controller. The office is in an office building on Main Street, across M Street from the Federal Courthouse.

I dropped by the office several weeks ago, but it was locked. I had more success this afternoon. I met Adam Castle, Swearengin’s campaign coordinator.

Castle said he’s been on the scene for two weeks. He said he’d let me know when Swearengin holds her first news conference or gives her first speech locally as candidate for statewide office.

Her campaign literature at the office includes a highlights list. Among the highlights:

* “Mayor Swearengin has consistently drawn the attention of state and national leaders for her work to shore up Fresno’s finances and bring long-term economic growth to the region.”

* “Mayor Swearengin is a national board member for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.”

* “Mayor Swearengin reformed Fresno’s budget process, overcoming a cumulative $120 million budget deficit while streamling services, reducing overhead, and partnering with community organizations and volunteers.”

There were no position papers. Those will come, Castle said.


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