Fresno police crack down on marijuana growers

The Fresno BeeMarch 28, 2014 

Marijuana plant.


Fresno police followed up on the city's new restrictions on growing marijuana with actions against 11 houses this week after receiving complaints from neighbors.

A police spokesman said nearly 1,200 plants were removed from one home. At another home, the growers asked that police remove 320 plants after they were warned the plants can cause violence such as a home invasion. At a home near Cedar and McKinley avenues, 874 plants were being tended by residents of North Carolina, who alleged they were taking care of the plants for relatives who had medical marijuana recommendations, the spokesman said. When asked by officers to contact the family members, they were unable to do so.

On March 27, the Fresno City Council approved a ban on the cultivation of marijuana indoors and in specific outdoor areas that had the required permit.

The action will make growing marijuana illegal everywhere in Fresno. There will be fines for anyone with plants in the ground beyond the abatement deadline -- 120 days after the ban's adoption.

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