David White's Three-Point Stance: Schaub buys Raiders, GM a little time

Special to The BeeMarch 22, 2014 

1. The Raiders traded for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, who is coming off a real tire fire of a 2013 season. Because, of course they did. Reggie McKenzie is general managing for his life here. He has to draft a franchise quarterback, but he also has to win now -- because there is no next year if he doesn't. Schaub today, rookie tomorrow, and everyone gets to keep the unemployment rate down.

2. So how can Derek Carr still become a Raider? I hear the Raiders have a massive crush on the former Fresno State quarterback, but not a No. 5 overall pick sort of crush. They're more inclined to trade down and take Carr later, which means the Vikings would have to pass on Carr at No. 8. All Schaub means is the Raiders don't have to take Carr or any quarterback fifth; he buys them time to groom whoever is next.

3. If the No. 12 seed beats the No. 5 seed three out of four times -- two years in a row -- it no longer qualifies as March Madness. The proper term is Bracketing Brilliance. You say the seeding committee has no idea what it is doing, given all these upsets. I say they are brilliant, because they give us exactly what we want. If 12's aren't knocking off 5's, who is even watching this thing before the Final Four? After all, if all the high seeds always won, we'd all be billionaires.

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