Vidak, Senate GOP colleagues don't like urgency push in campaign finance bill

Posted by John Ellis on March 18, 2014 

State Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford

A campaign finance reform bill pushed by Santa Ana Democratic state Sen. Lou Correa that needed two-thirds support for passage died on Monday after no Republicans supported the legislation.

Senate Bill 27 would require nonprofits to identify their donors if they hit certain benchmarks, such as when the nonprofit spends $50,000 in a given election or donors give at least $100 for explicitly political purposes.

But the bill carried an urgency clause that would allow it to take effect in July, before the upcoming election, and that is something that several Senate Republicans — including Hanford’s Andy Vidak — didn’t like.

Vidak and six of his Republican colleagues abstained from the vote, and four others voted no.

“He’ll vote for it if the bill is amended to remove the urgency clause,” Vidak spokeswoman Jann Taber said.

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