Artist You Should Know: The Kid Ryan

FresnoMarch 12, 2014 

At 23 years old, The Kid Ryan isn't technically a kid. But with his boyish good looks and charm the name seems to fit. The hip-hop R&B singer is one of four artists signed to Fresno-based Tyme Records. His first single "Run That" was released last month and is getting airplay on about a dozen radio stations.

The basics: His real name is Ryan J. Garcia. He started singing in church, and he plays the drums, guitar and piano.

Affiliations: One of four artists signed to Tyme Records, which operates a recording studio on Shaw Avenue.

Releases: "Run That" is the first single from an upcoming EP titled "Cruise Control."

Find out more: At, and You can follow him on Instagram at thekidryanofficial on Twitter at @thekidryan.

For more information on The Kid Ryan watch the full video interview at

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