State: 4 central San Joaquin Valley school districts in financial jeopardy

The Fresno BeeMarch 11, 2014 

Four central San Joaquin Valley school districts are in financial jeopardy, a new state report says.

The California Department of Education reported that Fresno County's Westside Elementary, Tulare County's Citrus South Tule Elementary and two Madera County districts -- Chawanakee Unified and Yosemite Unified -- are among 41 districts across the state given a qualified certification.

That certification is given to districts that may not meet their financial commitments this fiscal year or the next year, and allows the local county office of education to provide assistance.

Eight other California school districts were given a more severe negative certification -- assigned when current projections suggest the district will fail to meet its financial obligations this fiscal year or next year. That certification allows the county office of education to intervene in the district's finances, including disallowing expenditures.

The statewide number represents a dip from last year's figures, which showed 124 schools were struggling financially.

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