Perea to host Fresno fundraiser for Pérez, Swearengin's rival for state controller

Posted by John Ellis on March 7, 2014 

Assembly Member Henry T. Perea, D-Fresno

The ink probably isn’t even dry yet on Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s state controller candidacy paperwork, and already there’s word of an incursion on her home turf.

Next Thursday, Fresno developer Ed Kashian and Assembly Member Henry T. Perea are hosting a local fundraiser for one of Swearengin’s rivals for the post — Assembly Speaker John Pérez.

Perea said he is expecting a small crowd, but a big fundraising total.

The event was in the works well before Swearengin announced her plans, but it highlights a reality — even in her own backyard, opposing political candidates can shake the money tree.

And the event is hardly surprising: Both Perea and Pérez are Assembly Democrats.

Still, it’s an interesting twist, given that Swearengin defeated Perea in the 2008 Fresno mayoral race.

It's pretty clear how Perea thinks Swearengin will do in the upcoming controller's race, based on this quip from his spokeswoman, Alicia Isaacs: “Assembly Member Perea has every reason to believe that Mayor Ashley Swearengin will continue to be the mayor through her current term.”

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