Fresno clings to March hope in a dry season

Posted by Mark Grossi on March 3, 2014 

Blueish and purple clouds move over downtown Fresno as bits of sunlight catch the distant sky late Friday afternoon, Feb. 28, 2014, after a strong storm moved through the area bringing heavy rain and wind.

CRAIG KOHLRUSS — Fresno Bee Staff Photo Buy Photo

The good news about Fresno rainfall? The city had a slightly above-average February -- 2.11 inches. 

The bad news? The city is still only 43% of average for the season with 3.41 inches. On an average year, Fresno would have 8.02 inches by now.

All we have left, at this point, is hope in March.

In a year this dry, this is the month people still have a chance to think that way. The rain and snow season ends around April 1, though it sometimes keeps going for another six or eight weeks.

So March is really the last shot to make everything a little better or, once in a while, a lot better.

If there was a miracle March -- say, 7-plus inches of rainfall, as there was in 1991 -- the season would climb to more than 10 inches. That's 90% of average.

In the last 10 years, there also have been some big March rains. The city had 3.46 inches in 2011 and 2.43 inches in 2012. Eight years ago, Fresno got 4.73 inches.

But don't bet on anything. Less than one inch of March rain fell in Fresno five times since that big 2006 total.  


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