Warszawski: 49ers coach or GM? It's an easy choice

The Fresno BeeFebruary 24, 2014 

The San Francisco 49ers shouldn't really have a tough decision, should they, if it comes to a choice between keeping General Manager Trent Baalke or coach Jim Harbaugh?


Enter the Warzone, scatter paintings from a scatterbrain.

• When the Browns called to inquire about Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers didn't burst out laughing and hang up the phone.

That by itself tells us there's strain behind the scenes.

• Bottom line: The 49ers were winning squat until Harbaugh showed up.

If owner Jed York chooses GM Trent Baalke over the coach who produced three straight NFC Championship game appearances, he's not as smart as we thought.

• Despite winning 6 of 7, Fresno State probably needs a 3-0 finish to secure a first-round bye at the Mountain West Conference men's basketball tournament.

The fact that it's even a possibility shows how much the Bulldogs have progressed.

• What a senior year Tyler Johnson is having. By our recollection, no Bulldog since Kevin Bell in 2007-08 is even comparable.

• Fresno State is offering free ticket vouchers for Saturday's game against No. 13 San Diego State that will also honor Jerry Tarkanian.

This time, let's hope more fans who print them out also take the trouble to show up.

• Say what you want about Barry Bonds' performance-enhanced home run records. The man had no peer when it came to pitch selection and recognition.

If just a smidgen of that rubs off on Pablo Sandoval, the Giants will have made a smart move bringing back Bonds as a hitting instructor.

• Years ago, an eager, young reporter covering his first spring training worked up the nerve to ask Bonds a question.

Bonds didn't answer. Nor did he acknowledge the questioner's existence.

• From now on, it's going to be up to the umpire's judgment whether a catcher can block home plate.

Can't foresee any problems there. Nope.

• Criticism over Derek Carr not throwing at the NFL combine borders on the absurd.

Carr completed 454 passes last season, against actual coverage. How he throws against cones shouldn't matter.

• Jadeveon Clowney ran a 4.53 in the 40, then sat out from remaining drills due to a hip flexor.

The man is 6-foot-51/4 and 266 pounds. His hips flex just fine.

• We just ran 4.36 in jeans and slip-ons.


• Not to minimize the social impact of Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay player in American pro sports, but this was a basketball decision by the Nets.

The evidence: In the fourth quarter of his first game, Collins was on the floor guarding the opponent's best player.

• Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks already are key pieces for the Lakers after warming the bench for the Warriors.

Good news, Lakers fans. Things cannot possibly get any worse.

• Throughout years of debate over the Temperance Flat Dam, there's hardly been a syllable uttered about how Fresno's closest trail network for hiking and mountain biking would be sunk at the bottom of a lake.

Who cares about recreation when there's water to grab?

• Not sure how a column decrying February as the lousiest sports month resulted in mass emails encouraging the author to cover local rugby.

But it did.

• For no particular reason: Stromile Swift

• It makes absolutely no sense to be playing conference baseball this early, but Mike Batesole sure isn't complaining.

• The Beiden Field press box is a fine place to watch a game, so long as you don't mind inhaling barbecue fumes.

Last time that much smoke engulfed us during a ballgame we were sitting in the Candlestick Park bleachers.

Of course, it was smoke of a different flavor.

From that day forward, the Warzone had to answer "Did you inhale?" with an affirmative. Bust him at (559) 441-6218, marekw@fresnobee.com or @MarekTheBee on Twitter.

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