Fresno State political scientist Schecter moves to new post at CSU Bakersfield

Posted by John Ellis on February 21, 2014 

David Schecter

For more than a decade, David Schecter was an integral part of Fresno’s political scene. If he wasn’t commenting on it as a Fresno State political science professor, he was participating in it as an adviser to Ashley Swearengin’s two Fresno mayoral campaigns.

He also served on Swearengin’s transition team and then as a special adviser after she was elected to her first term in 2008.

Now, Schecter is moving on — and up. But he isn’t totally leaving Fresno.

He is now associate vice president for faculty affairs at California State University, Bakersfield. Schecter, who also was chair of Fresno State's political science department, has been interested in moving into administration, though he wasn’t actively seeking a promotion. But when the Bakersfield job came open, he jumped at the chance.

“I know that sometimes moving into administration means you have to move,” Schecter said. In this case, the job was close enough that Schecter was able to keep his local home. Last October, he married Wilma Quan, the City of Fresno’s urban planning specialist.

She remains here, and Schecter splits his time, usually three nights in Bakersfield and four at his Clovis home.

“It’s a great fit,” he said.

But just because Schecter’s no longer a political science professor, it doesn’t mean he’s stopped following politics.

“I’m still a political junkie,” Schecter said.

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