Clovis council approves new southeast subdivision

The Fresno BeeFebruary 18, 2014 

Clovis City Council members on Tuesday approved a new subdivision that will open up the northern edge of the city's Loma Vista plan area in southeast Clovis.

The housing tract has 109 homes on 32 acres in a long-time rural area south of Barstow Avenue and east of DeWolf Avenue.

Council members were largely satisfied with the project, but did express concerns about one aspect of the gated community — the developer's proposal for 15-foot driveways.

Planning commissioner Paul Hinkle, who said he was speaking as a concerned private citizen, said the shorter driveways could be a safety hazard with bigger vehicles, such as trucks, sticking out in the roadway.

Some council members echoed Hinkle's concerns. In the end, the council imposed a condition requiring that vehicles not stick out more than six feet from their driveways before voting unanimously to approve the project.

City planning commissioners unanimously approved the project in January and rural residents in the area have been apprised by city officials of the process leading to the new urban setting over the past 15 years, said City Planner Dwight Kroll.

The project, which is being built by Woodside Homes, will have homes ranging in size from 1,566 square feet to 2,444 square feet. Lots will range from 3,633 square feet to more than 9,000 square feet, city documents say.

A trail will run through the subdivision leading to the city's park on DeWolf and Barstow avenues.

New homes also are being built north of Barstow along Leonard Avenue and a third subdivision is planned at the corner of Barstow and DeWolf avenues, Kroll said.

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