David White's Three-Point Stance: U.S. ski team getting snowed under

Special to The BeeFebruary 15, 2014 

The going has been rough for Bode Miller and other Team USA athletes in the more traditional skiing events at the Sochi Olympics.


1. Notice the United States is short on gold necklaces on most any Winter Olympic sport that doesn't involve a snowboard? It's all Shaun White's fault, or at least the generation he inspired to trade in skis and slopes for boards and half pipes the past 10 years. We may have the X-Games program nailed in Sochi, but the rest of the frozen world is mopping the U.S. of A. up in the conventional snow games -- and be sure, the Olympics are dominated by conventional snow games. Maybe it's time to let our babies grow up to be lugers again.

2. Time always tells. Remember that when wondering how the Golden State Warriors, a preseason darling in media prediction circles, are but one game ahead of last year's pace at the All-Star break. One star does not a contender make, and right now, Stephen Curry is all the Warriors have reliably got. That should really concern the 10s and 20s of Warriors fans in the greater San Joaquin Valley.

3. Sure has been quiet on the Derek Carr draft-talk front. The Fresno State quarterback has been swallowed whole in NFL first-round conversations centering on Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Brian Broyles. He'll no doubt impress in the interview room at the coming week's NFL combine; will it be enough to reinsert Carr into the Round 1 discussion?

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