Bentley: Bullard High grad Laura Birek bests Beast in battle of brains

The Fresno BeeFebruary 11, 2014 

Few have faced "The Beast" and tamed him as thoroughly as Fresno native and Bullard High School graduate Laura Birek.

During her recent appearance on the GSN's "The Chase," Birek, who now lives in Southern California, accepted a staggering personal challenge from the show's resident smarty, Mark Labbett, and won — sort of.

"I tell people I did as well as you can without winning any money," Birek says after her episode aired.

The game show — hosted by Brooke Burns — pits three contestants in one-on-one battles against Labbett — who is affectionately known as The Beast — to build up potential winnings. The survivors move on to a lightning round where they can win big bucks.

Birek faced Labbett in her first test with $25,000 on the line. All contestants start with a three space lead over Labbett in the one-on-one showdown. He tries to bait the contestants into reducing the advantage they have over him by offering them a chance to go for a larger prize. He offered Birek $125,000. Even with such a huge financial lure, the majority of contestants opt to play for their original amount to keep their advantage as large as possible.

Birek shocked everyone by accepting the challenge.

"I was amazed because how I acted on the show was contrary to my personality," Birek says. "I had the advantage of watching my partners go before me and I realized I would have won their two matches. I know I am better at multiple choice than in a lightning round, so I went for it."

She wasn't nervous. Birek had spent two days waiting to see whether she was even going to be on the show. When her name was called, she had 20 minutes to have her hair and makeup done before going in front of the studio audience. At that point, the nerves were gone.

Birek confidently tamed The Beast. Birek won the showdown and put $125,000 in the team bank, bringing the potential total winnings to $150,000. Labbett went through the final lightning round without missing a question to beat Birek and her teammate, sending them home with no money.

Taking home the money would have been nice, but Birek is proud she faced The Beast and won. She at least has some major bragging rights.

"I had a great time and did really, really well. Sure, it might have been more fun to win. But the weird thing is I didn't go there to win a lot of money. I wanted to have fun and not make a fool of myself," Birek says.

Her only other game show experience came in 2006 when she appeared on "Lingo," taking home $11,000. Unlike many who try out for game shows like "The Chase" or "Jeopardy," Birek is not a hard-core trivia buff. She was part of Bullard's Academic Decathlon team, entered a few pub quizzes and even visits online trivia leagues. It's better, Birek says, to look at her as just "an insufferable know-it-all."

Most of her time is spent working as a writer, Web page designer and knitter. She has taken knitting to a new level, using PVC pipes to make some creations. You can watch a video on YouTube, V033GJXY.

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