3 dogs rescued in Fresno after being soaked with motor oil

The Fresno BeeFebruary 5, 2014 

Firefighters, police and animal control workers Wednesday rescued three dogs that had been doused with motor oil by an emotionally disturbed man in southeast Fresno.

People at Central California SPCA in Fresno were working to remove the toxic goo the man poured on the dogs.

The bizarre incident came to light when the man walked into a Valero gasoline station at Ventura and Fifth streets and told a worker crabs were crawling in his ears and eyes. The man was covered with oil, which he said he used to kill the vermin.

The dogs also were saturated, Fresno Fire Department spokesman Koby Johns said.

The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. Left behind were the dogs, which the store employee coaxed into a trash bin enclosure by enticing them with beef jerky.

Johns said a paramedic was concerned the dogs would be put down, so he volunteered to take the animals themselves. However, animal control officials arrived a short time later.

SPCA spokesman Walter Salvari said the organization wouldn't be able to say until Thursday whether the dogs will be put up for adoption.

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