For Fresno, 'Mr. Body Fitness' is a minister of wellness

The Fresno BeeFebruary 4, 2014 

A familiar figure on the Fulton Mall is Dwight Lowe, who bills himself as "Mr. Body Fitness." On Tuesday he performed his workout routine in front of the old Security Bank building.

He also refers to himself as a fitness minister. The 57-year-old Chicago native has been working out since around 1971. A former day laborer, Lowe said that when he was young, he was in and out of prison. He then turned his life around, delving into his spiritual side, and finding strength in God. Lowe hopes to inspire people through his impromptu performances -- a combination of dance moves to soul music from his portable boom box and weight lifting, with pushups thrown in.

The fitness inspiration he hopes to pass along is that "so that they can acquire mind, body and soul wellness," he said. "We're created in God's image," he says, "you have to condition your body to do God's work." He added, "we owe it to God to take care of ourselves. We've been given this life to be a medium to do his work."

Before going out on the mall for his workout performances, Lowe covers his upper body with oils that he says are anointed for his protection against adversity that he sometimes encounters.

He is on the Fulton Mall around up to four times week, usually midday, to inspire fitness and spirituality.

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