Egan, Smittcamp post strong fundraising in Fresno County DA contest

Posted by John Ellis on February 4, 2014 

Need more proof that the Fresno County District Attorney race is competitive? How about fundraising?

District Attorney Elizabeth Egan and her opponent, Lisa Sondergaard Smittcamp — who worked for Egan until August — are very close to one another in the fundraising battle.

Egan raised $213,000 last year and, coupled with contribution money in her account predating 2013, had around $305,000 in the bank as of December 31.

Smittcamp reported nearly $305,000 in donations for 2013 and more than $208,000 in the bank.

There are, however, some caveats.

Egan’s report shows $102,000 in unpaid bills, which means she actually has around $203,000 in the bank when those bills are paid. And Smittcamp has a little more than $61,000 in bills, which means her true account balance is around $147,000.

Each candidate's husband has helped. Egan got a $100,000 loan from DirectFile, a company owned by her husband, Richard. Smittcamp reports a $50,000 loan from her husband, Brent.

Still, the reports show that both Egan and Smittcamp are doing well to date in the fundraising matchup. Smittcamp also did all her work in the final three months of last year. Her first donation came on Oct. 2.

Reports show that she benefitted from being part of the Smittcamp family. She earned sizable donations — some in amounts of $5,000 or $10,000 — from several people associated with businesses owned by Smittcamp family members, as well as the businesses themselves. She also received a $32,450 in-kind contribution — office space — from Thomason Development Comany.

Egan received larger campaign contributions from people such as developers DeWayne Zinkin and Richard Spencer, as well as Campos Brothers Farms and Valley Wide Beverage Company.

There are no campaign contribution limits in the district attorney's race.

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