Warszawski: Fresno State wrestling dream isn't hiding anymore

The Fresno BeeFebruary 3, 2014 

Fresno State University President Joseph Castro gives his second semester speech to faculty and staff at the Satellite Student Union on campus Jan. 13, 2014. Castro last week flipped the opening coin of the Clovis High vs. Buchanan High wrestling dual before a crowd of 2,200 at the Clovis High gym. He told a reporter that night he "was really intent on reinstating" wrestling at Fresno State, which cut the sport in 2006.

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Enter the Warzone, the kook in your breakfast nook.

** Even if Fresno State President Joseph Castro didn't say he intends to bring back wrestling, his appearance at last week's Clovis-Buchanan prep dual made that perfectly clear.

Where's all this money coming from? That part's kind of murky.

** Before Clovis and Buchanan grappled on Fresno State's old mat, we asked ex-coach Dennis DeLiddo where it's been all these years.

"Lots of places," DeLiddo replied in his trademark rasp. "We had to hide it from (Thomas) Boeh."

** With packed bleachers, dimmed lighting and both schools' spirit squads kneeling on the edges, what a fantastic atmosphere for high school wrestling.

The only thing missing was Matthew Modine in a singlet.

** The Seahawks set a Super Bowl record by leading the game for 59 minutes, 48 seconds.

And the other 12 seconds felt pretty lopsided, too.

** Super Bowl 48 (this is a Roman numeral-free zone) reminded us of a another Super Bowl when the NFL's best defense overwhelmed the league's best offense.

Raiders fans just put their hands over their ears and started singing, "La! La! La! La!"

** Peyton Manning isn't the greatest quarterback of all time. Nor is he a choking bum.

Yes, there is room in between. No matter what you read on Twitter.

** Happy for sports fans in the Pacific Northwest to finally experience what winning a championship feels like.

One can only live off Jack Sikma for so long ...

** We picked Seattle before the season. So did a lot of people, but most of them don't get to gloat about it in print.

** The NFL doesn't cut corners. Even the postgame confetti was shaped like tiny Lombardi Trophies.

Sure it's expensive. But so are $14 beers.

** Commissioner Roger Goodell says the name Redskins "is a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect."

Has he even watched that team lately?

** This could be the biggest week of the season for Rodney Terry's Bulldogs.

A road game against a team (Air Force) they've already beaten, followed by a home game against a team (San Jose State) everyone else has.

** Alex Davis showed more post moves in one half against Wyoming than fans have seen all season.

Amazing what a little confidence can do.

** The next college football coach to admit he had a lousy recruiting class will be the first.

Wednesday, you'll know what we mean.

** Sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, Clovis East fans, but don't get used to having Adrian Wiggins as your boys basketball coach.

** Full of admiration for the athletes who will be competing at the Winter Olympics.

They train so long and so hard for their two weeks of glory just to have everyone forget about them for another four years.

** President Obama declared the Sochi games safe.

Unless, of course, you happen to be one of those stray dogs that's being rounded up and executed.

** For no particular reason: Bjorn Daehlie

** Sounds like Jose Ramirez will get a summertime bout at the Save Mart Center.

Maybe he'll even face an opponent who can fight back.

** David Stern is no longer NBA commissioner.

Meaning if the Lakers want to win the lottery, they'll have to do it with their own awfulness.

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