Warszawski: There won't be hockey until Fresno joins first line

The Fresno BeeJanuary 27, 2014 

Fresno used to have a hockey vibe back in the day. In this file phot, the Selland Arena crowd watches the Fresno Falcons and Bakersfield Condors during the first period on Oct. 24, 2008.

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Enter the Warzone, 2 minutes for slashing.

** Gotta admit we're a little surprised by the number of emails and voices messages left by hockey fans eager for the return of an ECHL team.

If only city officials shared their enthusiasm ...

** Here are three quick takeaways:

They have fond memories of the Fresno Falcons.

They want a sports team to cheer for around here that isn't Fresno State.

And some still won't attend Grizzlies games as protest against the same owners that took away hockey.

** There seems to be a misconception that declining attendance was the main reason the Falcons folded.

The Falcons folded because they were a pawn in a larger, pie-in-the-sky development scheme for downtown Fresno.

** If you disagree, we've got a condo in a residential-retail complex next to Selland Arena to sell you.

** With Fresno State 1-6 in the Mountain West Conference, people are starting to ask us if Rodney Terry's job is on the line.

Strange. Didn't see a black cloak and scythe the last time we looked in the mirror.

** Because they lost twice in overtime last week, it's too soon to say the Bulldogs have turned the corner.

But at least they're leaning the right direction.

** If point guard Cezar Guerrero doesn't already have a nickname, Little Cezar works in all sorts of ways.

** The Bulldogs apparently have flipped a couple commitments while a couple flipped on them.

Yes, we're talking about football recruiting. Not burgers.

** Thank goodness it isn't our job to track the latest whims of 17-year-olds.

Or hound them on social media.

** According to the mayor of Sochi there are no homosexuals living in his Russian city.

What he didn't say is if there were any, they'd be promptly tossed in jail.

Can't you just feel the Olympic spirit?

** Having flashbacks about an ugly sweater we used to wear in the '80s.

Nope. Those are what Team USA will be wearing at the opening ceremony.

** Commissioner Roger Goodell said the NFL is looking into whether medical marijuana could benefit players who have suffered concussions.

If nothing else, it might get more players to admit to them.

** Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been on his best behavior since the NFC championship game.

And what fun is that?

** We'll take the underdog. Seahawks over the Broncos by a final score of 24-21.

Just hope it isn't 65 degrees and sunny Sunday in New Jersey.

** Photos of a seriously slimmed-down Pablo Sandoval are making the rounds.

A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a contract year for dinner.

** Speaking of the Giants, third-base coach and musician Tim Flannery gave Brian Stow's family a $96,000 check raised by offseason concerts -- including one at the Fresno County Sportsmen's Club.

That's a seriously great tune.

** The Clippers have gone 9-3 in their first 12 games since Chris Paul's injury.

Might be time to acknowledge Blake Griffin for more than just dunks.

** For no particular reason: Wally Szczerbiak

** After giving this much thought we've decided that underneath Daft Punk's robot helmets ... are just a series of smaller helmets.

** Turns out that all Froot Loops are the same flavor, regardless of color.

Great. Now you're going to tell us Count Chocula is really a serf and Cap'n Crunch is an ensign.

When it comes to cereal, the Warzone is a serial polygamist. Chex up on him at (559) 441-6218, marekw@fresnobee.com or @MarekTheBee on Twitter.

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