Artist You Should Know: Dirty Limbs

The Fresno BeeJanuary 15, 2014 

Artist You Should Know: Dirty Limbs


Dirty Limbs is Fresno's indie-rock super group.

Its members have been (or still are) in close to a half-dozen other bands, including The Sleepover Disaster and Quiet Americans, Stable Hands, Rademacher, Strawberry Jam and Fatty Cakes and The Puff Pastries.

"I guess you could say we're no strangers to playing music around town or on the road," says Jonathan Hadden, the band's lanky guitar-playing vocalist.

The band recently finished an eight-song recording it hopes to release in March. You can see them Friday night at Strummer's opening for the San Luis Obispo band Night Riots. Here's more on Dirty Limbs from Hadden.

Let's get the basics. Who does what in the band?

We've got "One Take" Audery Johnson playing the drums; "Shredder MC Hedder" Luke Giffen on lead guitar; "Funky Fast Hands" Casey Burton working the bass and last, but not least, myself playing guitar and singing.

How did the band come together?

I had a group of songs I had written, but no band. I was living with Casey at the time. So naturally, we started playing together. The rest sort of just fell into place. I had asked Luke if he wanted to play guitar. Same with Audery. They both were down. I guess you could say I gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

Are there logistical issues with a band like this?

To my surprise we really don't have many issues with double booking and not being able to practice due to conflicting schedules. We try to communicate to each other as much as we can, so the juggling does not get too out of hand.

What's the songwriting process like? Is it a singular or collaborative effort? I can hear elements of each of you in the songs.

The song-writing process may come across strange to some people. I usually write everything on an acoustic guitar tuned either a full step down, or in its own relative tuning. … I don't exactly know why I do the tuning thing. I just like the fuller sound on an acoustic while I am writing. After I have the song foundation down, I present it to the group. The first songwriting stages are singular, but I let Luke, Audery and Casey pretty much come up with any parts they like. So, there is that collaborative element happening when we are working on a song and allowing our individual distinctions to pop out.

The band plays lo-fi garage rock with elements of new wave proto-punk and surf rock. Agree or no? How do you describe what you're trying to accomplish musically/sonically?

I would agree with you. Dirty Limbs gives off a lo-fi garage rock flare, and at the same time throws in a dash of proto-punk and a wave of surf rock, with 1 tsp of new wave. Dirty Limbs' goal musically at the beginning and end of the day is to have fun, play well, kick out the jams, have good energy and hope the crowd is having fun.

Find out more about the band at or search Dirty Limbs on Facebook.

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