David White's Three-Point stance: For Carr, move down can be step up

Special to The BeeJanuary 11, 2014 

Early-entry underclassmen may pass Derek Carr on the NFL draft board, but if it lands the former Fresno State star in a better situation, he still can be the big winner.


1. Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles ... with every underclassmen quarterback that enters the NFL draft, Fresno State's Derek Carr potentially slips a little further down the line. Except, that isn't necessarily bad. In the day of rookie salary caps, better to go to a better team that's maybe one quarterback away from winning, than a terrible team starting from scratch. Think Tennessee or Arizona.

2. Everyone wants to book 49ers at Seattle for the NFC Championship game. We get it. But Carolina's already beaten San Francisco, and that one was at Candlestick Park. The return of 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree is huge, but Carolina plays defense in ways Green Bay doesn't. Want to know the 49ers' record against top-four defenses this year? One and three. That's no gimme.

3. Head's up to the Fresno State men's basketball team: when you play Wednesday at No. 13 San Diego State, all those screaming people in the stands? Those are called fans. They really are allowed to show up and make unruly noise at games, not that you would know that in your librarian Save Mart Center experience. But then, one can always dream.

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