Quintero gets answers on bumpy road in SE Fresno

Posted by George Hostetter on January 9, 2014 

Fresno City Council Member Sal Quintero says help is on the way to residents in southeast Fresno who are frustrated with their bumpy street.

I wrote a blog on Wednesday night about the deep cracks in Alta Avenue between Maple and Sierra Vista avenues, east of the Fairgrounds. I quoted a neighborhood resident who said she and her neighbors can’t get City Hall’s attention.

Quintero (who represents southeast Fresno) told me during a break in Thursday’s council meeting that he had contacted Brian Russell, a top official in the city’s Public Works Department. Sal sent me a copy of Russell’s email.

Here is what Russell wrote:

“What the article is referring to is a pavement defect called severe transverse block cracking. This is a pavement failure that causes large transverse cracks to occur every 20’ – 50’. Some of these cracks are as wide as 2” – 3”, and are too wide for hot tar type crack seal material. We are seeing this occur in a few neighborhoods of similar age throughout Fresno, such as Fresno High area, Belmont to Ventura-First to Chestnut, and a few others. This is an issue related to the oil used in that era, which has lost its elasticity, and is not performing well with the temperature related thermal heat/cool expansion/contraction cycles. This is not a new issue and has been occurring for years. We assign crews to repair these pavement cracks every year.

“We are aware, and are working on filling these wide cracks with hot mix asphalt. While we are not currently on this particular street, we have been working a few blocks over near the Cedar/Tulare area. We do have this particular street on our schedule for repair, and I would estimate that we should be in the Alta/Sierra Vista area within the next few weeks.”


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