What to do with SE Fresno's 'Grand Canyons'?

Posted by George Hostetter on January 8, 2014 

City Council Member Sal Quintero is a warrior when it comes to getting potholes filled in his southeast Fresno district.

I hope Sal is just as passionate about fixing mini-canyons in the street.

That’s what I discovered Wednesday evening on Alta Avenue, between Sierra Vista and Maple avenues east of the Fairgrounds.

I was heading south on Maple (in my pickup), looking for a home on Lane Avenue. I turned one street too soon, and got on Alta. It was bump, bump, bump — a jolt about every 30 feet.

I cut over to Lane, parked and found the house. My interview done, I took a short walk to Alta.

The street has gouges in the pavement — a couple of inches wide and an inch deep in some places. The gouges go from one side of the street to the other. They aren’t straight, but they’re close to straight.

It’s as if there is a fundamental flaw in the way the street was made and, after years of neglect, the flaw is manifesting itself with these long gouges.

Maritza Molina lives in the 4600 block of Alta. From her living room window, she saw me checking out the gouges. She came out and we had a nice chat. Well, nice in the sense that she was polite. But she is incensed with City Hall.

Alta, she said, is murder on her car’s suspension.

“It’s going to be ruined,” she said.

Maritza said she has called City Hall to complain. She saw no need to add that the calls have been ignored.

After all, both of us were looking at the infamous Alta Avenue Canyons.


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