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The Fresno BeeDecember 28, 2013 

Four teenage male gang members have been arrested as suspects in the shooting of an Edison High School teacher, police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a press conference on Dec. 24, 2013. Left to right in back are Fresno Unified Superintendent Michael Hansen and Fresno police Sgt. Ron Hughes.

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A quartet of Fresno teen boys were tracked down and arrested during Christmas week for allegedly shooting an Edison High School teacher. But holiday festivities began with a different group of young men, the Fresno State football team, wrapping up its great season with a bowl game. As county officials head into the new year, they will grapple with how to hold onto their top managers.

Here are the top stories of the past week, along with selected comments posted by readers at

Four Fresno teens are arrested in teacher's shooting

What happened: Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced on Christmas Eve that four teens had been arrested for allegedly shooting an Edison High School teacher. That incident had occurred the weekend before.

What it means: Prosecutors will determine whether the boys are to be tried as adults. Should that happen, they could face charges with more serious punishment if convicted.

What readers said:

"Simple solution, try as adults put in prison for about 20 years before any parole. Start teaching bad guys that if you don't want to do the time then be good. We coddle these alleged kids way to much."


— Robert Watts

"Charge all of them as adults and if possible, charge them by the feds. But most importantly tell us their names and show us their photos."


— Robert Graham

"I grew up in and around all of this crap. I was even part of the problem at one time but then I grew up. God bless law enforcement for sacrificing their lives in a job that keeps them involved with this trash. It's constant 24 hours a day, enough to make you puke."


— Papi Chulz

Fresno County government loses top managers

What happened: A so-called "brain drain" has hit Fresno County, as nearly a dozen top managers have left for jobs elsewhere that either pay more or have less responsibility.

What it means: County supervisors recognize the problem of losing top talent and promise to address it, but options may be limited due to ongoing budget challenges.

What readers said:

"Fresno will continue to lose their top employees unless they find a way to break the cycle of underappreciating and undercompensating staff until they have nothing left to give."


— Katrina Ford-Maxwell

"When you try to get people to do the work of 4 or 5 people from different levels, they are bound to burn out and look elsewhere for work. Pay will get someone in the door, but if the working conditions are really bad, it doesn't matter how much the pay is, they will leave."


— David Weikel

"Yeah, the County's biggest problem is that they aren't paying management enough ... the County may be deluged with applications for entry-level jobs, but that 9% pay cut makes the positions difficult to fill with qualified applicants. you get what you pay for at every level."


— Diana Diehl

Homeless man found dead at shopping center

What happened: A man died from apparent exposure in a shopping center at First Street and Bullard Avenue. The man, who apparently went to sleep on the concrete next to a store, was found by a security guard who at first thought the man was just asleep.

What it means: The death was the latest turn in the ongoing controversy about how homeless people are treated in Fresno.

What readers said:

"Central Valley churches are involved with missions to help poor people all over the world. Perhaps it's time for our churches to offer shelter and help to the very poorest of poor living in our midst. If every church in Fresno offered shelter and help under the eaves of churches in respective neighborhoods, there would be far fewer homeless."


— Nancy Flynn


"When the homeless encampments were taken apart this last summer and early fall many promises were made to help those that lived there. I fail to see what really came of that. The homeless made their way to any areas that seemed to provide what little protection available....alley ways, shopping centers."


— Terry Duffy Webster


"I don't know why anybody is surprised at this. When you have the City of Fresno carrying out a war on the homeless, you have to expect casualties."


— Bruce Armstrong


Fresno State football closes out not-too-shabby 2013

What happened: Fresno State's Bulldogs football team had one of its best seasons ever, even if it lost two of its last three games, including the Las Vegas Bowl defeat to USC.

What it means: Cherished memories for 'Dogs fans who saw their team win 11 games against two losses. Quarterback Derek Carr finished as the greatest Fresno State QB ever.

What readers said:

"I am a DOG fan forever."


— John Keyes

"So am I, which is why I always have a bottle of Advil in the house. Breathing exercises help somewhat with the stress, and most doctors will prescribe Xanax if you explain to them that you're a die-hard 'Dogs fan (many of these physicians are, too. My primary care doc is)."


— Michael Kincheloe


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